Monday, November 22, 2010


I want to start out this post by saying a big THANK YOU to all of you loyal visitors (you know who you are) and WELCOME to any new visitors/followers here. Your visits are much appreciated as well as any comments you care to leave.

When I started this blog over 5 years ago (has it really been that long), it was intended to be a place to share my textile creations both big and small. Over the years I have slowly ventured into many other areas of artistic medias as many of you have done as well. With so many options, techniques and supplies out there it can be so tempting to want to give some of them a try. You might have noticed that I have been working with paper, images, books and journals along with paints, inks and stamps. These are the things that have been holding my interest lately.

These pages were created quite a while back. Not sure why I didn’t show them before now.

I’m not sure if I will add any more to these paint-wise, but I will be doing some thing more in the future.

Just to show that I haven’t given up creating with fabric, here is a peek at something I am working on.



There are so many different media, techniques and products out there not to mention online projects, e-courses and blog challenges it would be a shame not to dabble with them, try new things and combine new loves with old. Thank goodness for it

Have a lovely week

Fabric Art said...

Micki your pages are wonderful,love the colors, they can be used for many projects, your gluebook pages are very beautiful.