Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ROD Journal Pages

My ROD journal pages have been placed in an order that I like and the two signatures are sewn together. Now I need to get them sewn into the cover. Then comes the fun part of adding more things to the pages.

Since there are so many I will only post a few at a time. Here is the first batch. As usual you can click on the photo to see it larger.

This is page one of the first signature.

The photo of the bed flips open to reveal another picture.

The photo on the left edge and the striped paper on the right both flip up.

The tag on the right can be removed to write on the back.

The pink stripe on the left is actually the edge of a clear pocket and the manila piece on the right flips open.

That’s a pocket on the left side with the heart on it.



A very inspiring journal. I like the layered elements of it

Doreen G said...

Fabulous Micki I love all the added pockets etc.

Elizabeth Golden said...

wow you have been really busy making all of these. each one is great!