Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How's It Going

Sorry for such a long time since my last posting. Back on February 5th I signed up to take Mary Ann Moss’ Remains of the Day online journal class. I started working on my journal cover that weekend and then I came down with a terrible head cold and was miserable for the next week and half. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like doing anything during that time.

I’ve had the cover finished for several days now and DH (who doesn’t always comment one way or another) said he really liked it. There is a peak above of the cover but I don’t have any photos yet as the sun hasn’t been shining much these past two weeks. As a matter of fact we did have about 8 or 9 inches of snow around here up until last Thursday and it has finally all melted away.

When I started to feel a little better I started going through my stash of papers, ephemera etc. for the pages of this journal. I am not what you would call an avid journaler (as a matter of fact my last entry was on Feb 4th). And I definitely am not a visual journaler but I really love what others do. I don’t have much in the way of vintage items either. So last Friday I went to the Peddlers’ Mall and looked around. DH found for me a great old Atlas for $2.00 and I found a couple of old books including a 1946 copy of a Gregg Shorthand Dictionary. I even found 2 old ledger books. I really wanted to get at least one of them, but did not because they were really musty and nasty and I just didn’t want to take a chance of getting some kind of respiratory problem from them. When I told DH what I wanted these for he was like “No, you don’t want to tear up that one” (re: shorthand book).

Anyway, I am slowly getting prepared to start on the pages soon. There have been lots and lots of wonderful journals created in this class and even though I haven’t got this first one done I am already thinking of doing a second one.

Stayed tuned.


Doreen G said...

This all sounds like fun Micki and I look forward to see it when you have finished.

Conni said...

Your cover looks beautiful - and I love the art journal background pages you created in the previous post!

Cat said...

Love the colors on your cover!
Sounds like you got some good treasures at the Pedders' Mall. Old maps are so neat! Have fun with the journaling, I'm looking forward to seeing more.