Monday, January 25, 2010

Still at It

I have been working here and there on some more of the background papers I talked about in my last post. I still find myself a little bit intimidated doing this. I don’t know why though I have enjoyed just getting in there and just going for it. I also got started on a journal cover to put the papers in but no photos of anything yet. I am a little slow at getting things done.

Thought I would show you the Zendala I created. After having seen several others doing this I thought I would have a go at it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Started

I hate to admit it, but I have been spending quite a bit of time on the computer the last couple of weeks. Not just reading all the blogs, but finding a lot of other sites that caught my eye/interest.

I have wanted to create an art journal for some time now. I have looked at so many others’ journals these past weeks trying to get some insight/inspiration but it is a bit intimidating now that I have seen such wonderful work.

Well anyway I finally took the plunge today and got a start on creating some background papers. I used both watercolors and inks on 90 lb watercolor paper.

Keep in mind this is just a start. I intend to do more to these papers as well as make more.

This is what I did this afternoon.

That bottom left corner one is washed out in the photo. It really is closer in color to the one right above it. And the ones that look green and black above really are the two shades of blue you see below.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Class Sample

Over at the Free-Lunch-CafĂ© Linda Matthews has been conducting mini-classes on different techniques. The two-part class for this month is using the decorative stitches on your sewing machine. In part one we were to create a small piece that includes circles as part of the design created by using either a flower stitch foot, the circular sewing attachment for your machine or if you don’t have either of those, a thumb tack.

Here is my sample for the class. Nothing all that imaginative.

We are finally coming out of the deep freeze we have been in for two weeks. Most of the snow has melted. I even went out to the grocery today.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Service

Well here we are already a week into the new year, a new decade. I hope everyone is staying warm/cool, depending on where in the world you are located.

It started snowing here early this morning. They are predicting 2-4 inches by Saturday morning. My guess is we already have about 3 inches now. So we will see. I went to the store Tuesday to stock up and to drop off a couple of prescriptions. I went back yesterday to pick up the prescriptions after the guy from the phone company came to hook me up to a faster internet connection (DSL).

YES!! I am finally out of the dark ages and zipping right along on the net now. I told DH that with the faster service I wouldn’t be on the computer as long now because I wouldn’t be sitting around waiting and waiting for stuff to come up. VBG! Guess what? I spent hours on there yesterday just going around through everything, trying to catch up on all the stuff I had put off the past few weeks.

Since I have this faster connection, I might even take an online class or two that I couldn’t before because I was unable to view any of the videos. I am so itching to get back to playing around or who knows maybe I will even create a great art piece or two. ;-)