Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I didn’t mean for it to be quite so long in between postings. DS (who is single) had hernia surgery last week and I spent some time with him at his home. He is doing fine and can return to work next week on light duty.

I have been working on several things from time to time the past few weeks. For some reason I took a notion to create more dolls. I still have one that I started 3 years ago in an online class with Michelle Munzone. She is waiting for me to finish the work on her face. I find that the hardest part of all to do. At present she is perched on a reel of fine gold wire. The purple stick is not part of the doll; it is just helping to prop her up.

Anyway, I now have two others started but am in no big hurry to get back to. As usual, I have several other things that I want to try, besides all the usual life/home things that must be done from time to time.

I took some time the other day to clear most everything off my work counter so that I could get to the front windows and clean them. I replaced the mini blinds at the same time. My room is still a big mess but I can walk around and find most anything that I might want. :-)

** Update on Lap Quilt**
After ironing the backing fabric and cutting and pressing the batting Tuesday, I finally was able to get the quilt top sandwich spray basted together with the help of DH. I have to choose threads and then I should be able to get started quilting. As I don’t own a mid-arm or long-arm machine, again it will be a fairly simple pattern stitched on this one.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest Creation

A short while back I decided to make myself a summer purse. I pretty much just played it by ear designing and sewing it. I didn’t want a purse that was soft and floppy, so I used firm flex to create a stiffer body that would hold up to repeated use. I got the body finished and then made the flap separately. It took me a little longer to make the lining than I thought it would, because I wanted a partition in it, creating two sections. I also made a large pocket for the back section.

After the lining was made and pinned in place along with the flap and strap, I discovered it was going to be very tricky sewing it all together because of the stiffness of the purse. I didn’t think I was going to be able to sew it, so I let it lay for a week or so. I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a shot and hoped that I wouldn’t make a mess of stitching it together.

Here it is. It measures roughly 12 inches wide by 8 inches tall by 3 inches deep.

The fabric I used is a mid-weight decorator one. For the lining I chose from my stash this script fabric, partially for the color and more so, because I had two yards of it!

I am debating whether or not to add some kind of decorative item to the flap. I have a couple of jewelry pieces to choose from, but I also am considering something textile or fiber.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Here’s an update from my last posting. The old Canon printer will print colors but not black. I removed the print head and cleaned it as best I could but I think the black inkjet is hopelessly clogged. The newer Epson printer is working, but I’ve only printed text so far. Haven’t tried any photos as yet.

My camera returned home and seems to be working fine. I must say I was very happy with the short time it took for the repair. The Olympus repair shop received it on a Thursday and it was back home to me the following Wednesday.

I have replaced my bath scales and guess what? I lost 40 pounds (if only that were true). The first time I stepped on it I had it sitting on the bedroom carpet. Not a good way to get an accurate reading, but it was great to see those 40 pounds gone. I had to take it out into the hallway and place it on the hardwood floor for the true weighing. It then said I had lost 2 pounds, but then again that could just be the difference between the old scale and this new one.

I also bought a new cordless shaver and now have smooooth legs!

As for the BBQ, I just bought a new burner and cooking grid for the old one and I am calling it happy for now.

To everyone here in the USA,

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!