Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two More Bowls

I don’t have any real recent work, but I thought I would share photos of two more bowls I made last month before the ice storm.

This one is round.

This one is oval shaped. The sides dip down a little lower than the ends.

Monday, February 16, 2009

After the Storm

Sorry it took so long to post again. We were without power from Wednesday, January 28 until Sunday evening February 1 and then we lost power again on Thursday the 5th through Saturday morning, the 7th. This storm caused outages across several states. I found it nearly impossible to read by candle light, and was only able to work crossword puzzles for about one hour or so at a time. We just got the generator on Friday, January 30th, and didn’t get it running until the next day. We only used it a few hours at a time until the power came back on the first time. And because it was so cold outside we were able to put all the food into coolers and place them out in the cold, so we didn’t need to power the fridge. Everything here is electric (stove, water heater etc.) meaning cold showers and no way to cook. (I did get to use the microwave with the generator). We do have a gas fireplace in the basement however, and that was our only heat during the outage.

When the power came on the first time, DH put the generator in the garage. When the power went off the second time (due to electricians working next door) guess what? We couldn’t get to the generator because the garage door is electric and the smaller entrance was bolted on the inside. The temps were a little too warm to use the coolers again and this second outage caused us to have to throw everything in the refrigerator in the trash.

But everything is better now. Thought I’d show a few photos.

Icicles were hanging everywhere. It snowed for awhile first, and then we had freezing rain. You can see in the photo below how it turned the deck into a skating rink.

We had more snow on top of the ice.

You can see in this next photo how the weight of the ice broke many branches off of these pines. The one that is circled was damaged so badly that the county tree trimmers cut it down for us because the neighbors’ power line got damaged from the broken branches.

I forgot to take photos of the tree afterwards. It was really huge and there was an enormous mess to be cleaned up. DH did most of the work, but I did help and this area is almost all cleaned up now. Hey look, there's the neighbors' house!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Thought I’d do a quick post while generator running to let you know we have been without electric since Wednesday Jan. 28. Have been freezing, however we are going to get in the upper 40’s today. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer, but really have no idea when the electric will come back on. Try to check in again soon. Hope you all are staying warm.