Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Work-Sort of

Last week or so I picked up working again on a piece that I started way back at the beginning of the year (January or February?). This is what I chose for the background.

That light-ish rectangle in the center is where I had a piece of totally stable ironed on the back. It is no longer there.

Next I drew a pattern and cut out these pieces.

They were stitched together and pinned to the background. Then I made some leaves and a moon. They were also only pinned on at this stage. I stopped there.

More on this to come soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


YEA! I have finally completed the lap quilt. I started it back last April. Of course, there were periods where I didn’t work on it at all and that’s why it took so long to finish. That is the front above. This is the largest piece I have ever worked on. It measures 49 inches by 72 inches. When it came time to decide how to quilt it I chose to simply “stitch in the ditch” because I only have my domestic sewing/embroidery machine to quilt it on. It did prove to be a hassle at times trying to wrestle the thing through the machine.

You probably don’t remember that when I finished the top I mentioned I ordered fabric for the back but then didn’t really like it after it arrived. I went back to the stash and pulled enough fabrics to piece together a backing.This is what the back looks like. Sorry for the poor picture quality. The fabrics really look better in person than they do in the photo.

Now when I started to piece this backing I had in mind that I wanted the squares to line up with the blocks on the front even though they are different in size. When I got ready to put together the quilt sandwich I used a temporary basting spray. I “basted” the back to the batting, sprayed the batting again to adhere the front and discovered that lining up the front with the back was going to be a lot harder than I thought. After two attempts, I pulled the top off and left the back/batting pieces lay out on the living room floor for about a week waiting for the stickiness of the basting spray to “go away”. I proceeded to try laying the top out again, this time really taking my time and all in all I did a pretty good job of making it happen. This isn’t a prize winning quilt but it certainly will keep us warm.

On another note as you can see in the photos, we still need to stain the deck flooring.

I also want to thank everyone once again for stopping by. I will try not to make it so long in between postings and hope to have more to show soon.