Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lesson 4 Samples

Lesson 4 of Dales’ Embellish Stitch and Enrich online class had us knitting/crocheting sample shapes and then seeing what we could do with them. Since I really don’t do much of either, I did up some simple samples.

These two flowers are crocheted with fuzzy yarn. The one on the left hasn’t had anything done to it; the one on the right has been run under the embellisher quite a bit from the top side only. I like how the colors blend together.

This sample scrumble was both crocheted and knitted. This was my first attempt at scrumbling. I haven’t done anything to it yet as I haven’t decided how/where I will use it. I probably will lightly embellish it to a background and add some hand stitching and perhaps some beads.

This is a crocheted fan made from wool yarn. Don’t know what I will do with this yet.

This flower is crocheted from the same wool yarn (duh).

These two samples are knitted from the wool yarn using size 3 needles. The one on the left has been run under the embellisher blending the colors very nicely. The thing about these little samples is that they are fairly thick. This may or may not be a problem depending on what I decide to use them for.

I’ll have to see what I can create with some of these. I have also made a couple of samples for Lesson 5. I’ll show them soon in my next posting.


Doreen K. said...

Micki, Love you knitted and crochet examples. They are fantastic. I only got lesson 1 done then my mom had emergency. So I am way behind.

Doreen G said...

I love the scrumblie bits Micki especially the flowers.

Carol said...

great samples Micki, love the little flowers,

MargaretR said...

You have been enjoying yourself Micki. I can't wait to try those scrumblies myself.

sammy said...

Micki, what a change.. in these two samples... I love what the embellisher did on the one... will have to try that myself..

Homeleightigger said...

These look great Micki - love what the Embellisher does to knitted bits. Will have to look out all my fancy yarns and get some bits knitted up, so I am ready for this Lesson! Have you embellished the samples onto anything else yet? Val Are you making a little book to put all your samples in? Val