Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online Class-Lesson 2

This is a sample I made for Lesson 2 for the online class I am taking with Dale. I fused gold foil to wine felt with misty fuse. Next I cut up tiny bits of yarn, several fancy fabrics, some ribbon and lame’. I didn’t have a sheer chiffon scarf to use as a cover so I used a piece of red tulle. Then I machine embellished the heck out of it mostly from the front, but I also did some from the back.

Right after I made my sample I was asked to do an ATC swap. It just so happened that these were her colors, so I cut up the sample and added some beads and hand stitching.

I did some beading and stitching on the other half but have not decided just what I will do with it. Maybe use it as a central motif on something?

This painting is by Camille Pissaro. This is my inspiration piece for the landscape challenge for Lesson 2.

This is my piece before hand stitching.

This is it after I did hand stitching. I’m not so sure if I like it now or not. Of course, those of you who are into hand embroidery would know other stitches and ways of making this look better. I welcome all critiques on this piece.


Sandy said...

Nice samples. The landscape piece looks good to me. We always wanted to learn tons of stitches, but a piece looks better with just a few.

StegArt said...

I really like how that last one turned out with the added hand stitching.

Anonymous said...

i do machine embellishing with hand embroidery and it is my opinion that the hand embroidery always enhances the wool. your piece is beautifully bucolic and the additional texture provided by the embroidery stitches adds a depth and a reflective quality (light reflection) that wouldn't otherwise be there. i am enjoying your blog and watching all your techniques. great work!!!
debby w.

paulahewitt said...

Hi Micki
I've been enjoying your posts on the embellisher - i have just got one of my own. I really like the landscapes. and i think the hand embroidery enhances it. Seeing as you asked for constructive critisism (and Im no expert, so take what i say with a grain of salt) -the detached chains on the green tree in the centre make that tree dominate the landscape. That is not in itself a problem, however, in the original painting the blue-ish tree next to it dominates. I perhaps would have used the seeding stitches on the green tree and something more dominate on the blue.
the running stitch in the foreground looks great, as do the other stitches on the plants. I cant really tell what stitches you used for the purple border plants, but perhaps I would use straight stitches vertically. I hope this helps - i think it looks good as is, and certainly better than anything Ive done on the embellisherso far.

Doreen G said...

Nice work Micki and I must agree with Paula about the detached chain stitch as it dominates the whole scene.
well done on interpreting the picture.

Ati. Norway. said...

Micki the landscape looks great! I agree with Paula about the bluegreen tree but it is always so that if you have a look the next day you see better what you have done. I my work it is often ;-)
If you make more atc's maybe we van do a swap one day? I would like it!

Diana said...

so creative! I wish I had time to take an online class like that! I think I have fiber envy.