Thursday, June 05, 2008

Online Class-Lesson 1

I have just started taking an online class "Embellish Stitch and Enrich" with Dale Rollerson using the embellisher. The first lesson is playing around making samples using lots of different fabrics, fibers, yarn and such.

This is a piece I did last year. I thought I would show it as an example of punching yarn and creating a design. It is acrylic yarn punched onto a piece of craft felt. Acrylic yarn is harder to punch than wool but it will mesh into the felt with several passes of the needles.

This new sample has organza and polyester fabrics punched onto a craft felt base. It shows the texture you can create with these fabrics.

In this sample I laid eye lash yarn on top of a piece of black craft felt and punched over it quite a lot.

This is what the back looks like.

As you can see, this sample has three different things going on. The top 3 rows are nylon ribbon punched down. The middle strip is a piece of felt punched to the base felt. It was punched first from the front then from the back and then repeated front and back a couple more times. The bottom is some acrylic yarn that was first punched onto a piece of stabilizer and then punched onto the felt base.

This is a piece of felt that I punched some scrim and yarn onto. It was punched from the front and then the back and then the front again. I think I over punched from the back because you can barely make out the scrim now.

Some of you may remember seeing this sample before. I taped a thumbtack to the embellisher and punched these circles of felt onto felt. Punched from the front:

And what it looks like on the back:

More to come when I get a chance to play some more. I still have her challenge from the lesson to tackle.


Doreen K. said...

Wow, Micki your samples are fantastic. Really love the pink one with the yarn and scrim. Great job.

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful samples. I really love the backside of the last one.

Carol said...

Love the first little work of art, and your samples are great, I need to get a move on :)
Wonderful stuff

Deb Geyer said...


Deb H said...

Looks like fun Micki. A great way to stimulate the creative juices.

Paddy's Daughter said...

These are lovely Micki - great ideas and good to see your blog as well - have not had time to check everyone's blogs yet, but cold and wet here today, so hopefully will do so. Sue McB

Conni said...

Love your samples! I think I need to fire up the embellisher machine...