Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lesson 1 Continued

Even though Lesson 2 started yesterday in Dale’s Embellish Stitch and Enrich class, I have still been doing some experimenting with a few more samples for Lesson 1.

This first one is wool roving punched onto a double folded piece of cheesecloth. This is the front.

This is the back.

These two are examples of wool roving punched from both the front and back onto itself.

This sample has pieces of torn cotton strips punched onto a felt base.

This one has wool tops and roving punched onto a piece of used dryer sheet. It has been punched from both the front and back.

I used these last two to make my challenge piece for Lesson 1. It is 4” x 6”.

I left the edges unfinished for now as I haven’t decided just exactly what I will do with this.

Now to see what fun things I can do with Lesson 2.


Guzzisue said...

I'm following this with great interest, the more I see, the more I want an embellisgher :-)

Doreen G said...

Great samples Micki--I can see a lot of postcards being made here.
This is a fun class isn't it.

Françoise said...

Lovely samples again. I like your challenge piece.

kay susan said...

Nice experiments Micki. Love the challenge piece!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Oh, oh oh! This is great!
I am not a very good online student, so I will love following your progress with the embellisher here.

Anonymous said...

these all look great - I am inspired by your work

Lise said...

These are great samples Micki, I'm looking forward to follow your work.

Gina said...

These are great samples Micki - love that last challenge piece.

MargaretR said...

I always love the work you do with the embellisher Micki and these are great samples.

Cestandrea said...

Oh, Micky, great things are happening here, I haven't been in here for quite a time, lovely new textures and colours, great fabric work:)
And you seem to enjoy learning more and more...
have a wonderful time with your classes

Cat said...

You are doing wonderful things here! Your challenge piece is great, I love the colors and the contrast of flowers to stripes.
Have fun!

Annie said...

Love your samples from the embellisher course. At last done some of my samples