Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday was a good mail day....

for me. Deb H. of Cold Feet Quilter and I did an ATC swap. This is what Deb sent me.

Sorry Deb this looks so “flat”. It really is more gorgeous in person. She used a red metallic thread that adds a lot of sparkle.

She also included this wonderful bookmark.

It is lovely and sparkles a lot more than it looks in this picture. Thanks Deb, I love both of them. She hasn’t received mine yet, so no picture for now.

Some of us in the FAF group are doing birthday postcards. I realized I never showed the one I made for SuZ.

Here it is:


StegArt said...

Nice goodies! I saw your postcard for SuZ on her blog, it is fabulous!

Doreen G said...

What beautiful art you have received Micki

Gunnels blog said...

your postcard for suz is so wonderful! What a texture, and a several layers. Love it!!!!

Dianne said...

I love what Deb sent you - she makes some wonderful things!! Love your postcard - pretty in pink!!!