Saturday, September 16, 2006

Autumn Nights and Lights

I'm late doing this, but I came across this on Baumcat's blog, who came across it on NatureTrail's blog, who came across it on RedLupin's blog. Thought I would add my pic too it.

This is what we did last weekend. We sat out on the deck for several hours with a fire going. There was a beautiful full moon both nights.

Here's my entry into Autumn lights and nights.


Becky said...

Such a warm feeling . . . autumn flame.

MariaJ said...

How nice idea to enjoy your autumn nights. I could watch the fire for hours too. Thanks for showing these nice pics!

Carol said...

Hi Micki,

welcome in our circle of light!

Hannele said...

So nice - and full moon, perfect.

Cat said...

Great deck fire! We love to sit around the fire pit in our back yard - pretend we're camping... Our grandson gets to roast marshmallows and we make smores.

I'm glad you joined in!
XO, Cat

Naturegirl said...

Heh Kentucky I can feel the cirlce of fire all the way here in Canada! It's me naturegirl!! Glad that you joined in the global "flame of autumn!