Monday, July 31, 2006

July Comes to a Close

It’s been really hot and humid the past few days so I’ve been inside playing around some with both hand and machine work. I’m just trying out some ideas on one piece and the other is actually from a commercial embroidery design that I bought at a bargain price. I don’t have any digitizing software for my embroidery machine, but I do have editing software so I can resize, change colors, etc. till I get the design the way I want it. I’m not quite done with either piece so I don’t have any pictures yet.

It’s hard to believe this the last day of July already. The time just keeps flying by and I don’t know where most of it has gone. I remembered that I was going to show this a while back, but Blogger wasn’t co-operating, so I am giving it another try now.

The subject was of July and a patriotic theme, so I thought I would show this small shoulder bag I made about 3 or 4 years ago.

I had these fabrics just lying around and decided to make this:

It is all 100% cotton. I fussy cut the eagle from the fabric I used inside the purse and sewed it to the flap.

Here’s the inside:

The “button” is made from red wire that I coiled to the size I needed.


sue b said...

great bag !

Deb Geyer said...


Cat said...

That would look great slung over the shoulder of a biker girl!

I like playing with wire, good idea for a button.

It's AUGUST now!! Where does it all go?!