Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Printing, UFO's and Blogger Problems

*note* I tried to post this last night and just gave up. That is why the time says 1:32 a.m. when actually I didn't post this until 6:58 p.m.

I finally got around to getting the new printer out of the box and set up. It took a little while as I figured I might as well do a little straightening up and dusting while I was at it. LOL. Once I got that done I did some fine tuning of some quilt labels I had composed in PSP8. I had purchased some time ago some of the cotton and silk fabric sheets for inkjet printers, so I gave it a try of printing on one of the cotton sheets. I clipped the corners of the leading edge and placed the sheet in the printer. The sheet went in okay but once it was in, it got caught and couldn’t advance and the first labels got messed up. I turned the sheet around to print from the other end and the same thing happened again. So I got a second sheet, cut a little bit bigger pieces off of the corners and tried again. The sheet still wanted to jam but this time I was able to keep it from doing so and got the first set of labels printed. I then set up for the second set and printed those with just the slightest of problems. The page sort of got crooked as it fed through but the labels still came out okay. The problem seems to just be with the fabric sheets, because I didn’t have any problems printing on regular paper. I will just have to pay particular attention when I am printing on those fabrics so as not to waste any more if possible.

During the past week I have worked on and off on another of my UFO’s. I started this one about two years ago. I apologize for the crappy picture. The prints in this seem to make the photo fuzzy. I call it:

It's A Jungle Out There

I was going to post a couple more pictures, but as you probably have discovered yourself, Blogger is being a big PITA and won't let me.

You can’t see it, but I did free-motion quilting around the animals in each block. I did stitch in the ditch around all of the blocks also.

I also quilted a vine in the border.

I had everything done except the binding. I normally do the usual double fold with mitered corners, but I decided to cut the backing fabric so that I could double fold it over to the front to create the binding. I figured since this is a wall hanging it would be okay to do it that way. I still have to make a hanging sleeve and stitch it on along with the label. Then I will be able to say I have one less UFO in the pile.


Cat said...

Micki, I quit using the premade fabric sheets and iron my own fabrics onto either freezer paper or the kind with the iron on sticky on one side. But the best thing I ever discovered is to tape my prepared fabric piece onto a 1" header of regular paper. This tricks the printer into thinking regular paper is feeding thru and then wala - it's printing on the fabric smoothly.

This is a wonderful jungle quilt! The colors are sooooo rich.

Conni said...

love that jungle quilt!

MargaretR said...

That is a great quilt you have made Micki. I haven't tried the bought fabric sheets but make my own by using sray adhesive on ordinary computer paper then place the paper down on the fabric and cut the fabric to size. I have done a great many without problems, but for some reason the last 2 jammed, I tried once more and got it right. I like the idea of leaving a header! So thanks Cat for that suggestion.

Cat said...

P.S. To answer your question, I don't use any treatment before printing with the new C88 (other than pre-washing.) Seems to be working great. :)

jenclair said...

Good for you on making progress with your UFO's. The colors here are great and I love the outside border.

Deb H said...

Doesn't it feel good to get something finished! My big UFO is setting at my machine, while I have company in my studio, using it for a guest room this week! Can't wait to get that one done!

Ribbonwiz said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog.
Love the jungle quilt!
My DGD would also love your jungle quilt...she is 11 and loves all animals especially the cat family