Friday, June 02, 2006

Ho Hum.....

Up until this morning, it has been hot and humid here for the past week, making it really miserable to be outside doing all of the yardwork and gardening that needed to be done. Last night it started raining and has rained up through the afternoon, which cooled things down some. So I haven’t been doing much of anything today other than sit at the computer.

I’m in one of those restless moods where I want to be making something but not sure what. I have been browsing magazines and the net, hoping to see something to give me that little bit of inspiration. The newest issue of Workshop on the Web is available and I have downloaded it, but I have only glanced through it quickly, so I guess I’ll be spending some time reading through it later.

I started a couple of art dolls, but they are not going quite like I had hoped. I spent last night doing beadwork on the cape/wings for the art doll I started a few months ago. I still have to redo her face and make a stand. If I ever get her finished I will post pictures.

I bought a new printer last Friday. Guess what. It’s still in the box. It’s an Epson C88. I am hoping to get better results when it comes to printing on fabric. I should be thinking about what I am going to do for my June journal. I will try to stick to the nature theme, but we will see.


MargaretR said...

thanks for your kind comments on my blog and for reminding me of my WOW. I just love it.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the kind words, when visiting my blog recently! I want to thank you for posting about the Workshop on the Web. I just signed up for a subscription and am anxiously awaiting to try several of the techniques in the June issue.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hope you have found some new inspiration.I am sure reading Maggie G's WOW will help get you started , she is certainly an inspiration.

Maggie H.

Cat said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked the size of my pieces, they are 5 X 7's.
WOW, I just bought the Epson C88 last week as well! I did a sample piece and then soaked it in water and WA-LA it didn't run! I'm tickled.
Nice to meet you, I'll check back often.
:) Cat