Wednesday, February 08, 2006


If you are a regular reader of my blog from way back, you will recall that I had mentioned that my hubby sometimes thinks that he is Paul Bunyan or some other lumber jack and likes to cut down trees at the back of our property that he thinks are either 1) a nuisance because they drop nuts/leaves in the yard and we have to clean that mess up or take a chance of breaking your neck from walking on them or are 2) a hazard and might blow over in a storm.

So once again, he has been at it cutting down trees and this is what happened today.

He usually is good at getting the tree to fall where he intends for it to, but not this time. And I admit that way back when he first mentioned about cutting this one that I told him I was afraid it would land exactly where it fell. But he was like “Oh, no. I can get it to fall in the other direction.” I am usually out there with him when he does this, but today I stayed inside (working in my art room). So, when he came in and said “don’t look out back” of course I had to go take a look.

The damage: two cross rails on the fence were broken and I had the bottom part from an old bird bath with the top piece from one of those concrete Japanese lanterns sitting on it in the flower bed that was slightly broken. Also the back half of my lilac bush is now history.

Did I fuss? Yes. Did I cuss? Some. But the bush will eventually grow back and the rails can be replaced and the yard ornaments just look a little more ancient now. It could have been worse. For instance, take a look at this next picture:

The tree trunk in the circle is just a piece of what used to be there. Hubby has been whittling away off and on at that thing for a year and a half with his little chain saw. Where did it come from, you ask? Well, back in July of 2004, we had a really bad storm (with 60 mph winds) come through about 8:00 p.m. and this is part of what we saw the next day.

This looks good compared to the mess that was all over the yard earlier in the day. I took this picture after we had raked up branches and leaves from all over the property for about 3 hours.

This is only about half of the humongous tree that actually belongs to our neighbor.

We did eventually find the shed under that mess.

This gives you a better perspective of what landed on top of the shed. This is a beech tree and it has a base trunk that measures approximately 40 inches across.

And here is a closer picture of the monster:

Seeing all that green in the picture further up makes me want to see warmer weather get here.


Deb R said...


I liked the writing and arrows and stuff on the photos! :-)

Conni said...

Micki, sorry about the damage to your fence and garden. My DH was cutting a tree down one day and assured me (according to his careful calculations) that it would fall in the opposite direction of the house. Well, it didn’t – it missed the house by 8 inches!

MargaretR said...

You are so lucky your husband was not in the way of the tree.

Strange you should decide to finish your Tree UFO in the last post!

Elle said...

Ahhhhh hubbies...gotta love 'em!!