Saturday, January 28, 2006

They're not Postcards

Way back in last November I was suppose to clean my art room up. It didn’t happen. Since the January journal page is done and over with and I have a start already on my February one, which isn’t due for several weeks, I thought I would get in there and tackle the mess. I mostly wanted to clean up the clutter that was every where and clean the windows on the inside while I had everything out of the way and I could get to them.

I did go through some stuff as I was straightening up and threw out some junk (probably should have thrown out more but you know how it is, you think that someday you just might need it, so you keep it).

I now have all of my UFO’s in one place and I have told myself that I am going to attempt to finish most, if not all of these this year. There are a total of twelve.

So now for your viewing pleasure I thought I would show you something I started on back in 2004 and finished January 2005. At first glance you probably will think that I am showing you a bunch of fabric postcards, but it is not. In fact, at the time I don’t think that I was even aware of the postcard craze. I knew more about ATC’s than postcards.

(click on images to enlarge)

When I started on this project I thought I was going to be making an “art quilt”. I decided that I wanted to do a sampler of different mixed media techniques. Not wanting this to be a humongous piece I decided that I would make each sample measure 5 x 6 inches. Before starting, I went through my books and magazines and picked out a bunch of techniques that I wanted to try and made a list. From there I would pick one idea and work on it and so on until I had them all made.

Since it was such a conglomeration I decided to attach them to the black background in just a simple layout. It really wasn’t until sometime after I had completed this that I realized that it does look like a collection of postcards.

Some close up pictures:

Lavender piece: Bond o’ Web was applied to organza; laid on Angelina fibers; then applied gold foil and another piece of organza; free-motion stitched all over; added beads

Green piece: Painted brown paper; crumpled paper; fused a layer to Wonder Under then fused second crumpled piece on top; applied gold rub n’ buff; copper wire and beads

Blue piece: machined stitched onto blue felt using built-in stitches from sewing machine; cut apart strips and wove strips together then fused piece to base fabric

Landscape: Collaged garden photo using PSP8; made freezer paper pattern, cut out shapes and fused to Wonder Under; statue from garden was printed out and added on.

Pink piece: crayon rubbing made from texture mat; crochet covered rings; beading

Blue and Purple piece: wrapped wire frame with Grilon thread wrapping in both directions; covered with chiffon and laid various scraps of fibers, lame, bulky yarns, threads, etc on top; covered with tulle and free-motion stitched all over; piece was then cut from frame and plunged into very hot water to shrink Grilon threads and draw piece up; stitched to felt base.

Stamped piece: masked off areas on fabric, painted white; painted over with Lumiere paints; when dry, stamped on images using paint

Green piece: folded fabric flower; button center; free-motion machine stitched leaf design on background

Red piece: stitched lace to background; dabbed on Xpandaprint and used heat gun to puff up paint. Couched cording on top of lace; painted with acrylic paint, dry brushed with metallic gold; added bead made from tyvek wrapped with wire and beads

Crazy Quilt block: various fabrics done in log cabin style; machine stitched embellishments; heart charm

Lavender piece: free motion embroidered piece made from image manipulated in computer onto hand painted background

Brown piece: stamped images onto light colored fabric using Xpandaprint, heated with heat gun; paint raised images and dry brushed with metallic bronze paint; machine stitched to background fabric; hand stitched using metallic thread

Flower piece: photo transfer using T-shirt photo transfer paper; stitched to background fabric

Blue piece: laid plain muslin on freezer paper and sprayed with water to dampen, hand dyed fabric using Dye-na-flow paints; scrunched up plastic wrap and laid on top of fabric and left to dry; stamped pear image with black acrylic paint; dry brushed the image with bronze and green

Green and Gold piece: used wadded plastic wrap to apply 3 shades of green on plain muslin, let dry; applied thick layer of Mod Podge for fabric over the paint; let set for 20 – 25 minutes then imprinted design and let dry over night; applied gold foil

Heart piece: hooped 2 layers of Solvy, solid fabric and 1 more layer of Solvy (on top with heart design) and straight stitched outline of heart going around 3 times; removed from hoop and cut out the heart from top layer of Solvy and solid fabric only; added another layer of Solvy and rehooped then free stitched across opening filling in the heart; washed away Solvy, added print fabric layer and stitched around outside of heart; cut away excess print fabric. Satin stitched around heart outline.

Aqua piece: painted piece of tyvek with aqua and gold acrylic paints; hooped Solvy and made machine lace with aqua rayon thread; rinsed away Solvy, dried and then stitched lace to tyvek; couched silk ribbon to strips of tyvek and stitched to lace; applied heat with heat gun to shrink tyvek some; base fabric was fused to piece of non woven interfacing and then tyvek piece was stitched on using a twin needle with aqua and gold rayon thread in a free motion style.

Purple and Gold piece: base fabric is purple felt; cut out gold design from a piece of very stiff “silk paper”; did some stitching on the gold piece first then stitched it down to purple felt; free motion stitched on felt background.

Coppery Bronze piece: embossed copper shim with image; heated to change color of copper then sealed with a coat of glass paint; stitched metal to base fabric; machine stitched accents

Multicolored piece: covered Bond o’Web with metallic threads and Angelina fibers; covered with second piece of Bond o’Web and fused together; placed on Solvy and free motion stitched all over; lightly foiled over entire piece; rinsed away Solvy and let dry; heated with hot air gun to melt away some of the Bond o’ Web to create lacy effect; stitched to black felt and then stitched to a piece of wine felt.


Karoda said...

What a fabulous idea! and an AWESOME sampler of techniques! I'm dizzy from reading and thinking about what to try...I tell you, with all the diversity of techniques in the AQ ring, it inspires creative play.

jenclair said...

This is too much to take in at once! I agree with Karoda, using small pieces to experiment with different techniques is such a great idea. This kind of sampler could be SO useful...

Conni said...

Micki, these are all wonderful techniques - WOW! And you could expand on any one of these for a journal quilt. You are such an inspiration!

Kim said...

What a wonderful idea! I wish I had the discipline - I start off and then get sidetracked...
A great start to a visual journal!

Sande said...

These are wonderful and with great photos and explanations. Individually there are some real gems and together on the black they look great too. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are an avid experimenter!

Deb Geyer said...

This is a great project! I can see how it would be an inspiration hanging in the studio. Thanks for sharing

Marianne said...

Thank you for explaining so in detail the different techniques you tried, I've been making notes for future reference. I've been thinking in to make the journal quilts into one, the black really pulls it together. A very fine and interesting piece.

Elle said...

An art quilt technique sampler! Fabulous!