Monday, January 09, 2006

I am Still Here!

Just checking in. Not much to report on. The weather was decent enough over the weekend so DH and I spent the biggest part of the day on Saturday working in the yard tidying things up, meaning cutting up more tree limbs and burning them. He was back at it for awhile on Sunday, but I stayed in doing the laundry and what not. Today we were both back at it again for a couple of hours during the afternoon. I really do need to go outside more instead of staying in all the time during the winter months.

I have been working on my January journal quilt and finished it this morning. I will wait until the reveal later this month (January 22) to post a picture. I still have the write up to do for it and haven’t decided whether to attach it to the back or not.


Kim said...

I finally have some time to surf the webring. I like your "photo" - it's rather haunting. Is it a collage you made?

Micki said...
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