Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Blues

Isn’t this time of year just absolutely wonderful? Not! But it used to be. Years ago I loved putting up the tree and decorating the inside of the house. I even enjoyed shopping for all of the gifts and wrapping them. Who doesn’t enjoy shopping for small children? I knew I could get my son anything and he would be thrilled to death with it. As he started growing up it became a little more of a chore to find the right gifts but I loved doing it, and I knew he would love what ever he received. Even as a twenty something year old, I could still pretty much please him because I worked in a department store and could have him come and pick out what he liked and mom would buy it.

Now as a thirty three year old, mom hears from son that he could use socks and underwear and a few other things that he doesn’t want to really spend his own money on. Doesn’t seem like much as a Christmas gift to me but if that’s what he tells me to get then that’s what it will be. No wonder Christmas is not fun anymore. (Oh, but he also wants some money to help pay to get his windows tinted in his new truck!)

It doesn’t help when you are married to Scrooge either. Hubby was like me back when our son was small he enjoyed Christmas, but over the years he just seems to get grumpier and grumpier at Christmas time.

In spite of all of this I have done some shopping and I have even managed to make a couple of gifts which may or may not be appreciated. It was just easier to make them then to try and buy something.

Last year we got snowed in and didn’t get to go to the family Christmas Eve party or to my parents on Christmas day. I was expecting my parents this weekend, but found out tonight they won’t be coming. Hopefully we will get to see everyone this Christmas Eve, but the weather man is saying we might get snow again on Christmas Eve! And I wonder why I am down in the dumps.

Sorry if I have depressed anyone reading this, but gathering from some of the blogs that I have read it seems that I am not the only one who is feeling this same way.

I am back on my hormone medication for the next few days and it is starting to make me sleepy again. That’s why I take it right before bedtime. So I guess I will stop my whining and get ready to go to bed. It does make me sleep pretty much through the night, but it takes me awhile to get good and awake in the morning. Usually once I have a cup of coffee I start to feel alive and can actually start functioning.

I am signing off now.

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Joanne S said...

No tree. No presents to wrap--I ordered stuff from the Chef's catalog--free shipping. Just doesn't feel like Christmas this year. Everyone is dragging around with a runny nose and a cough that lasts for weeks. My husband's flight home tonight was cancelled and he may get home by tomorrow evening--but maybe not if we have an ice "event" and the plane can't land. Lovely!