Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Bit of a Scare

I just had a bit of a scare. While making my rounds through the webring I took the time to stop to view and listen to DebR at Red Shoe Ramblings. She figured out how to get her little video she made onto her blog. No the scare wasn’t from watching the video. (Grin) It came afterwards. Before I closed the Windows Media Player window, I hit the save button and realized at the last second that I had a CD in the drive and it was going to save to it. Now this CD was something that I worked on for several hours yesterday burning images to and I did not want to mess it up. Panic! I tried to open the drive to stop it. It wouldn’t open, but I did manage to stop the save. So…….

I finished reading the blogs, checked email and logged off. Then I decided to take a look at the CD to see if it was alright. BIG mistake. Loud Noise, followed by Computer Crash. Next this long, scary message shows on the screen stating:

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent further damage to you computer. Ect. etc. etc.

Tried to restart the computer. No go. So when all else fails what do you do? I crossed my fingers, held my breath and turned it off and then back on. Yea!! It’s back on, but….. I can’t open my CD drive and I have a message that my computer has suffered a big system error and do I want to send a report to Microsoft. Well of course! So I do, and I immediately get the information I need to get things back up and running. BIG sigh of Relief!

So then what do I do next? Well I still want to know if my CD is okay or is it junk now. Do I dare take a look and chance crashing again. Of course, what the heck after all I know what to do now if it does.

No I am not blaming Deb and her video for all of this. It was my stupid little error. And by
the way the video was fun. (Do I get a prize for plugging this?) Just kidding!

And now if your still here after reading all of the above, here is something for your viewing pleasure.

This is a scarf I crocheted.

I bought this plain red throw and embroidered these designs on all four corners.

In my past couple of posts I was saying how I wasn’t feeling all that merry right now and how things have changed so much over the years, well here’s some pictures to show the proof.

This was our outside lights just 2 years ago.

And this is what we have this year.

The Colorado Blue Spruce and the dwarf Alberta spruce are no longer around to put lights on and we didn’t place any in the Japanese maple tree this year. We also did away with the icicle lights because half of them weren’t working.

Oh well, whatever!


Deb R said...

OMG, I hope your CD still works. ACK!

The scarf and throw are very pretty.

You still have a WAY more decorated-for-Christmas house than I do. :-)

mary m. said...

Yikes!!! Hope your computer lives. I think your house looks nice...there are NO decorations on my house, I'm a regular scrooge. Your scarf and throw are very pretty.

Karoda said...

here, here, your decorations are plentiful compared to what we do...and they will come down shortly after christmas here. i'm far from being the happiness queen but i do wish you peace.

the scarf and throw are very much in the spirit.