Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Year Come and Gone

Well here it is the last day of the year. I am sitting here thinking back on what my accomplishments were (quilting wise) and this is what I did:

In February I started on what would be my largest project. It is a huge (66” x 77”) appliqué piece. Sort of like a block of the month only you have the entire pattern and can start any where you want. It consists of twelve blocks. I have eight blocks in various stages of either being complete or near completion. I worked on it for a while then laid it aside to work on something else. I came back to it again later and worked for a short while and it is still hanging on the design while unfinished.

In April I designed and started on a piece that was to hang on the wall in the eat-in-kitchen area. I just wanted something to hang there for part of the year and sort of represent spring/summer. The main design was fairly simple and I had this brilliant idea to add a 3D piece to it. I started the construction of the 3D piece and got so far with it and then sort of hit a brick wall as to how to assemble it and attach to the background. This piece is in UFO land for the time being.

On May 21st, I started an online class that went through the next 9 weeks. It entailed making 4 small pieces representing the elements: Water, Wind/Air, Fire and Earth. We used a lot of different techniques. Some new, some I had done before. I did complete these 4 little hangings.

In July I made a wall hanging for my studio. It measures 18” x 21”. It is there for color and smiles and hopefully for inspiration.

In August, I jumped on the bandwagon and started blogging. Once I started blogging, I quit writing in my diary. But the blog is a journal, sort of. I just don’t write any of the real personal things on it like I did with the diary. And through blogging I have met some wonderful people online.

In September came the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, resulting in my Katrina survivor quilt.

In October I attended my first art quilt group meeting. I also started a small experimental piece. I got so far with it and then decided I wasn’t happy. Another UFO.

November saw the start of another small wall hanging. That is all it saw. Another UFO, but I will complete it, someday.

There were a lot of other projects I started (and most completed) that I did this past year. They just were of a different venue. They helped me with my need to be creating and doing something.

And now with the new year knocking at the door, I have committed myself to participate in the Journal Quilts Challenge 2006 started by Debra Spincic.
This will really prove to be a challenge as I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do for January’s piece which is due on the 20th.

Reading this list, I realize that to a lot of you it will seem like I did not do that much quilt wise this past year. For me, it was quite a lot.

If you have managed to read this this far, I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and reading my blog and for all of your encouragement. Your kind words have meant a lot to me and helped me through some rough spots. I hope that you will continue to visit here in 2006.

May the New Year be the best yet.

Happy New Year!


Deb R said...

Actually, I got to the end of the list and thought "wow, Micki has accomplished a lot this year!". :-)

Yay you!

Becky said...

I agree with Deb, you have accomplished so much!

gabrielle said...

Micki, I have enjoyed meeting you in blog world...and can't thank you enough for your comments which always brighten my day. You got a lot done in 2005; 2006 can only be more productive. You're on a roll...can't wait to see your 2006 work.

Conni said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Hope you accomplish all of your goals in 2006! Happy New Year!

Debra Spincic said...

Please don't stress out over the Journal Quilts--they can be very spontaneous and unplanned. Just go in your studio and make stuff!