Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Quilting, but.....

Not much to report in the way of quilting and such. We are still dealing with all of the necessary yard work that this time of the year brings about. We have one and a quarter acres of property with large pine trees in the front and a small “forest” across the back of the yard. So every year in the fall there is a ton of pine cones that fall off the trees as well as a ton of pine needles. This all has to been picked up/raked up if we want to keep what little grass grows under these trees.

I mentioned in an earlier post also about all of the leaves but I didn’t mention that even though we have a lot of trees near the back of the property; it is the neighbors leaves that blow into our yard and then we have to get them all raked and mowed to get rid of them. DH is not a person who can just let stuff like this go. It has to be dealt with even if it means doing it a couple of dozen times. Now me, I could let it go two or three days before tackling all of that again cause you know that until all of the leaves drop it doesn’t make sense to kill yourself doing all that work knowing that several hours later you can’t tell that you did it. Oh well.

I thought I would share a few photos I took over the past week or so of different things around the yard.

This one was taken a week ago and is part of the back of our property. The trees had quite a bit of color although not all had changed yet. Today they are practically all bare.

I took this one the other day. It looks like there was an awful lot of air traffic within a short space of time.

I mentioned that DH had cut down some trees recently. I took these after we finished cutting up a walnut tree. Kind of interesting, don’t you think?

DH found this a few years ago and placed it in this flower bed. (all the flowers have been cut back for winter).

And this is something I purchased several years ago.

At the time when I bought it I thought I would be using it as a birdbath, but decided afterwards to just use it as a piece of yard art.


Deb R said...

Very cool series of pics!

Scrapmaker said...

I definitely see an art quilt in the woodpile. Nice pics. Jen

Sonji Hunt said...

Yes, I love how the cut wood looks all piled up! Quilt, quilt, quilt. I'm a circle junkie and have some painted fabric with just that look to it. Great photos and very inspirational.

Debra Spincic said...

Easy to see what you have 'Round to. . . *wink*

Deborah said...

Love the wood pile. In fact I have a similar picture that I'd like to combine with a picture of a stone wall. Great stuff here, Micki!