Saturday, November 26, 2005

Catching Up

Just thought I would let you know I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

Wednesday we went shopping for a couple of hours and then since we were in the area, we stopped by and visited with my mom and dad and one of my sisters for a short while.

We had a small dinner on Thanksgiving Day with our son. We enjoyed the visit with him, however I didn’t spend as much time with him as DH did; I was cooking while they were out in the garage working on our truck replacing the radiator. Our son just bought a new truck this past week and is very proud of it. It’s his first ever brand new vehicle to own. DH wants to trade in our truck, but I am trying to get him to hold off as long as possible before doing this. (We just don’t need another bill right now).

I have a small art piece that I started on awhile back, but haven’t been able to work much on it so I won’t show anything yet.

And today, I did some cleaning in the living room and got out the Christmas tree and put it up. I am almost finished with decorating it. I just have some strings of beads to add and then it will be done. But of course, there is more cleaning to be done and a lot more decorating so it may be awhile before I post again. I am trying to keep up with reading the blogs, but it is a little hard to keep up with at present.

Talk to you all later!


Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Micki,
Thank you for your visit and nice comments :)
I can really identify with medication making you loose your energy. I'm having to battle with that myself (not for the same thing though). I've really had to pare down what I take on now but it's made my creative time even more special. Best wishes

Karoda said...

Hi Micki, I couldn't remember where you lived in KY but I'm thinking you are near where the truck overturned with the explosive chemical...did you have to evacuate? how are you?