Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What I've Been Doing

A short while ago I was complaining about experiencing a creative block and was frustrated because nothing was working for me. Since nothing new was working for me I decided to pull out a project I started back on February 20th, 2005. I don’t normally do these types of quilts because I don’t particularly like doing a lot of appliqué or care for doing something this large, but after seeing the pattern several years ago in a catalog I thought “what the heck, DH would like it” so I ordered it and collected fabric for it over about a years time. I worked on it until April 1st. Then I decided I needed some more fabric colors for some of the blocks and also I was getting to one of the more complicated blocks to appliqué, so I took the blocks down off the design wall and laid them aside to start another project.

I had most of this done when I stopped working on it. The last couple of days I have managed to sew on the inner border pieces and the outer border pieces that you see and then sew the first two blocks together.

But wouldn’t you know it not long after I got all of this back up on the design wall I got a couple of ideas. To get me back creating I made these ATC’s:

And I am also working on something else. It’s sort of an experiment. We’ll see how that goes. It feels good to be creating again, even if it is just small pieces.


Cathy said...

Like the postcards

Karoda said...

These postcards are clean and have a meditative quality...like a feng shui vibe.

Elle said...

I ike the ATCs. They remind me of planets in orbit.

Debra Spincic said...

I attended a lecture by Lesley Riley at Houston quit show and she said that she never has a finished piece. Her reasoning was that when you work on finishing a piece it gives you energy to start a new piece so you continue with the positive thoughts. It sounds like this happened to you.