Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures

Remember the ATC book cover from a few weeks ago? The one I made too small for the binder. I did make another one. This one is not made from fabric but from tyvek. I sponged painted the light blue green color first; then I sponged on the darker green. After that I stamped all over with gold paint using a large background stamp that I have. It is kind of hard to tell in the picture.

I tore the edges of a piece of gold tissue paper and a piece of mulberry paper and glued them to the cover. The darker center is a piece of textured wallpaper that I sponged the same as the cover; then highlighted it with an 18k Gold Krylon pen. I added the gold eyelets to this and then glued it on. The buttons where painted gold before being glued on.

Next I painted a shipping tag and then stamped the words onto it. I added some fibers to the tag and attached the tag to the cover with gold brads. I cut the prongs off of the brass key hole, placed a piece of black felt in the back of it and glued it on.

I also have 3 more ATC’s from the WILD Flower series. Here they are:

WILD Flowers 4

WILD Flowers 5

WILD Flowers 6

And finally, I had some time last week to paint a couple of pieces of fabric. These are fat quarter size.

I started with a piece of PFD and laid it on a piece of plastic. I then sprayed it with water getting it good and damp. Then I spread the paints on with a wet bristle brush. I was not real happy with the areas where I had painted green so I went back over it with the blue to soften it up. I really didn’t have any idea of what I wanted from this piece when I did it. I will probably just cut it into smaller pieces.

This next piece also is PFD fabric. I stretched it on a frame and dampened it before painting. I started with chartreuse and pretty much got it all blended together. Then I stroked on the green letting it blend more in some places than others. The sky portion was sprayed on (hence the splatters).

This is going to be the background for a small wall hanging that I am working on. So stay tuned and there will be more pictures to come hopefully…..


Debra Spincic said...

Earlier this summmer I bought a great book on working with Tyvek. I haven't tried anything yet but I have everything ready. I can feel the urge coming on. . . !!

This week I did some rubberstamping on a wallhanging & that always gives me the heebe geebes because if I mess up, oops! then what?

Your cover looks Fab!

kay susan said...

I love those wild flowers and the book cover is gorgeous.