Monday, October 24, 2005

Messy Art Room

On October 20th, Julaine ( issued a challenge to the Artful Quilters Web Ring to post pictures of our untidy studios. But of course, that’s not the entire challenge. The second part is to see if we can tidy up by the end of November.

Here is what my room looked like a few days ago:

My work counter is entirely covered. When I remove the books that are spread out I will have about two square feet to work on until I clean off some of the other mess that is there, which is not going to happen for some time because some of the fabrics that are laying there are what I need for a piece that I started back late last winter and then put it away to work on other projects.

There’s my sewing machine with clutter all around it.

This is where the UFO’s hang out.

You can see part of my design wall here. I am auditioning some fabrics for a possible future piece. Hanging on the back of the door is a shoe holder filled with rubber stamps, molds, texture mats, air dry clay, etc.

I need to move some of this mess in order to get into the closet.

I don’t intend to get this totally straightened, but I would like to make an attempt at it.
(Yeah right!).

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