Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Colors of Fall

The sun came out for a short time this afternoon. This is the view from the window in front of my sewing machine:

The angle’s a little different here, but not much:

And here’s a little closer look at the distant trees:

Still a lot of green showing, but the trees are slowly changing.

This is a small dogwood at the back of the property. This is the way it looked last week:

All of the leaves have now fallen off of it.

Here’s is one more picture of fall colors from the garden:


Karoda said...

The view is perfect for daydreaming!

Pat's Place said...

Ah, but isn't it beautiful! You live in the country... what part of Kentucky is it? We spent 7 years in Carbondale, IL where my DH earned his PhD - so we wandered into the nearby sections of Kentucky from time to time. It's certainly beautiful and your photographs capture that quality.
Thanks for sharing!

Conni said...

What a wonderful view!

PaMdora said...

What a gorgeous view! I don't even have a window in my studio, and if I did it would be a terrible view anyway. Wah!