Friday, September 16, 2005

Why I work with fiber

Gabrielle asked… why are you working in fiber? What drives you to make show your inner self or just play?

I work with fiber because:

1. I’m not that good at drawing
2. I can’t paint (not in the artistical sense)
3. Working with fabric goes way back to when I was a young girl and made doll clothes from whatever I could get my hands on and later in high school I made some of my own clothes.
4. I was drawn to the colors and designs of traditional style quilts many years ago, but later discovered art quilts and loved their anything goes attitude.

The need to create is just so strong at times that I feel like if I don’t touch fabric or sew something I will just explode. Working with a variety of different media, whether it is cloth or fibers or paints or whatever, can be both stimulating and relaxing. Seeing the colors and feeling the textures and getting involved in the process of creating something appealing visually enables me to express myself in a way that I may not otherwise be able to.

Being able to go into “my room” to play around and create with fabric, or whatever, is my way of escaping from stress and at times boredom. But creating can also be frustrating. Sometimes I go into my room and walk right back out. I will draw a blank or I will have so many things swimming around in my head that I can’t separate them and make sense of what exactly it is I want to do. And, of course, there is nagging guilt always rearing its ugly head telling me that I should really be doing something else, you know like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry or more importantly, working at a real job and making some money.

But when everything comes together it is wonderful. And the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from finishing a piece is a real high.


gabrielle said...

Great post, Micki. I think this speaks to so many people...think they can't draw or do anything else and then suddently they discover fiber and they can do anything. Great enouragement to anyone seraching for a creative outlet.

jenclair said...

The "nagging guilt" doesn't bother me when I'm really involved with the work, but when I take a break, the guilt about the pile of laundry or the need to vacuum does surface. Briefly. I can, however, easily shut out those voices when I get busy again!

Elle said...

I know that for me it's because working with fabric really calms me. And you're right--that creativity kicks in and some amazing things happen!