Monday, September 26, 2005

Quilt Show Goodies and More

I went to a small quilt show over the weekend about twenty five miles from where I live. There were close to two hundred quilts. Most of these were in the traditional style but there were about a dozen or so art quilts. Sorry, no pictures, I didn’t take my camera. I did buy nine fat quarters to add to the ever growing stash.

Later that day, I had a message on my answering machine letting me know that I had won a door prize. It was more fat quarters. However, I didn’t receive it because I was not able to return to the show to pick it up (darn, just my luck; they could have called my name while I was there)!

When I left the show, I stopped off at Michael’s Crafts and picked up a few more goodies. A couple of stamps, two pair of stretcher bars, a ball of crochet thread and a ball of yummy yarn (no I do not knit).

I didn't notice this until I took these pictures:

I was in a hurry and just grabbed this one. Looks like they must have sliced this with a box cutter. I guess I get to make another trip to Michael’s.

And then it was on to Wal-Marts.

These are cotton. I will use them in the bobbin with my embroidery threads.

I look at all of this as belated birthday gifts from my husband to me. He never knows what to get me so I just go buy what I want (within reason of course). LOL

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