Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quilt mailed and ATC's

My Katrina quilt is on its way!

I thought I would post the ATC’s I was working on last week before I started on the Katrina quilt. Recently I have been using ATC’s as a way of experimenting with different techniques and supplies. I find the small venue a little difficult to work with sometimes, but it is a quick way to find out if something works or not.

I was experimenting with oil pastels and crayons. This was my first time using the pastels. I made my rubbings from rubber stamps. The directions for the oils said to let sit for 48 hours to dry thoroughly. I said the heck with that and pressed with a hot iron between brown paper after about 30 minutes. It seems fine.

This is the oil pastel:

Leaves #1

The other two were made using crayons.

Leaves #2

Leaves #3

The leaf colors should have been darker to show up better on the light background. I guess the next time I need to press a little harder.

Now I need to get back to some UFO’s (yeah right) and give some thought as to what to start next.


Nikki said...

Hey, I was just blogging about wanting to combine hand stitching with stamps! These are very nice. Thanks for the inspiration and welcome to the blogring!

Pat's Place said...

I like the subtle quality of the tonal leaf shapes on the cloth. Sometimes more contrast is a good thing. And sometimes less contrast is just as good!
Beautiful work.
Pat in NJ