Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blogging Etiquette

I have a question for everyone. Since I am still fairly new to blogging I am wondering what the proper etiquette is for answering comments left at my blog. Do I acknowledge each one, and if so, is it at my blog or the person’s blog who left the comment? Also, some comments are emailed to me. Usually I will answer these, but then the person who emails me may feel they need to email back and then this could turn into an emailing merry-go-round. I do not wish to offend anyone and believe you me, I am happy to get the comments, that means someone is taking the time to visit and read my blog.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t have the most exciting or entertaining blog here. I lead a very dull and uneventful life since my “forced” retirement four years ago. I don’t have any quilter friends and I can’t find any groups or guilds. That is why I am happy that I found the Artful Quilters webring. I enjoy seeing so many great pieces of art and reading what others are up to. This group has some of the nicest bunch of people too.

Your input will be greatfully appreciated.

Now I think I will see if I can come up with a statement for Gabrielle’s “challenge”.


jenclair said...

I try to acknowledge the comments left on my blog; sometimes, I just send a reply email, other times I may post a comment on my own blog underneath their comment, and sometimes I post a comment under their comment and email that.

Is it necessary? I'm not really sure of the proper etiquette, but I appreciate those who reply to my comments. In some cases, it develops into a dialogue, but usually it is just an acknowledgement.

Hope this helps. :)

Sonji Hunt said...

There is no etiquette that I know of. Just do what feels right to you. Some things don't require answering. Other things may move you to comment in your own comment section or to even post.

Sometimes, people will email you off the blog, personally, with questions. I always answer those. Most of the time they are technique questions and I can develop a post about them.

If you answered every single comment, Micki, you'd never have time to do anything else on some days!

Karoda said...

Mostly I do what Sonji and Jen described.

There is a newly formed art quilt group that meets in New Albany, IN at the Carnegie far it seems to have a regional flair...let me know if you are interested.

leap-of-faith said...

Thank you for posting about this - I was unsure what to do also!

Elle said...

There's no formal etiquette. Sometimes I answer in the comments, and if I need to expound more I'll either email the person directly or address it in an actual post--esp. if many people are clamoring for an answer.