Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday, art fairs, and I can't believe I screwed this up!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! It's my birthday today. If you read my profile you can see how old I now am. To celebrate, my hubby took me to an art fair and then out to dinner yesterday. The fair was a small arts and crafts event. A lot of pottery, paintings, jewelry and some knitted items and one booth with quilts (mostly traditional). This was the first time that we attended this one even though it has been an annual affair for many years.

Now for the screw up. Last week I decided to make a book cover for the binder that I have my ATC’s in. My first thought was that I wanted to do something really different with a lot of embellishments on it, but I changed my mind thinking that with all the handling it would be getting something simpler would be better. So I set out to make the usual, not too fancy quilted cover. I measured once, twice, thrice and jumped right in going all out working on this without checking at any given time as to whether it was going to fit. Somewhere during the process it shrank and now it is too small. It doesn’t fit any other binder that I have either. And this is not the first cover that I have ever made. I just don’t know how I could have gotten so far off on it.

The cover is stretched out flat here. I had intended to stencil or stamp the words Artist Trading Cards in the yellow strip.

It's hard to tell in the photo that the diamond shapes have batting to make them more 3D like;

close up of quiltinq

quilting on inside flap

Well, I guess I can look at it this way; I got to practice my free motion quilting and used up some of my fabric stash making it.

I have started on another one and I am still working on it. It is more like I had originally thought about making. I will post pics when it is done.


Diane said...

Happy birthday to you! And your cover looks gorgeous, as is...maybe you can think of a way to use it anyway?

Karoda said...

happy birthday! i hope it was everything you needed it to be!

Scrapmaker said...

Very pretty cover, you will have to find a use for it. Oh, and Happy Birthday! You have a very patient husband, I can't imagine that mine would tolerate an art fair...Jen

Debra Spincic said...

happy birthday!

I know how you feel when you make that kind of mistake. On a good day, I could make most things with my eyes closed but on a bad day, I can't even thread a needle. I never know for sure when a bad day will crop up but when it does, the best thing to do is close the studio door and go eat bon bons!

Random Musings said...
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Random Musings said...

Happy B-day! I really like the design for your quilt, it's very creative. I bet you'll find another use for it. I hope the second one turns out okay.