Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Baaack!.....

If you happened to read my profile, then you know that I made my first quilt many years ago (33 to be exact) when I was pregnant with my son. You also read that I made a lot of my dresses in high school. So if you put the two facts together, you can pretty much figure that the fabric in this quilt was sort of on the feminine side since it was made from scraps from these dresses. But I had no idea whether I was having a boy or girl and I was young and new to quilting, so I used what I had. I guess in the back of my mind I was kind of hoping for a girl since I put a pink satin binding on the quilt. As a matter of fact, as I was sewing the binding on I was having labor pains. The quilt turned out fairly well for my first attempt (and so did our son). I wish that I could say that I still have that quilt, but it ceased to exist a looong time ago. I can only find one picture where most of the quilt is visible, but I don’t think that my adult son would like me showing his cute little naked butt to the whole world!

I did, however, find this photo of the small quilt that came 25 years after the first one. I must admit that the quilting (or lack thereof) really sucked on this quilt. But I was pretty pleased with all of the piecing though it’s hard to see in this photo. It was made with reproduction antique fabrics and the name of the quilt block is Birds in the Air.

It too is no longer around. Sadly, five years ago this month, our beloved dog, Gizmo, passed away quite suddenly after being sick for several days and I buried him with this quilt.

You couldn’t ask for a better companion and even after all these years we still miss him very much.

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